Member Creations

  • Pets to Remember

    Lonette designed this special plate to commemorate a friend's birthday. Now he will always have a treasured piece of art of his two dogs, Bella and Max. "Getting the right contrast of whites for Bella was a real challenge," said Lonette.


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  • Fun and Useful in Green

    Jan had so much fun creating these useful items!

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  • Fall Kitty

    Melanie has found another artistic niche in hand building clay creatures. This cute orange kitty and his pumpkin are perfect for Fall! 

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  • Useful Cylinders

    Some of the "useful" items that Lonette made in Tom Sled's "Cylinder" Class.

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  • Christmas Cactus

    Kelly created this fun Christmas Cactus for herself. Of course, if you live in the desert, you need one!


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  • Beautiful Celadon

    Ann created these beautiful planters and "plants" using the extruder, slab roller, Cone 6 clay, and Glacier Celadon glaze. The fruit bowl was glazed in Glacier Celadon and Opal White over Abalone.

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  • Bird Vase

    Linda Sauer created this beautiful bird design in a William Pulse class at Pat's Ceramics. It has a white matte glaze background, Stroke & Coat and Designer Liner on the bird and leaves and crystals around the top rim. Even "teachers" can have fun learning a new way to use familiar materials!

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Where Is My Project Photo?

There are only 8 spaces in the revolving display on our home page. But all photos of amazing member creations are archived under the Projects tab. Go check out some of the older photos. You will be inspired!

Member News!

We've all been enjoying the freedom of no dues, firing fees, or required monitoring in 2021. However, it is still great to have a monitor available on a regular basis now that we are back to full capacity. So, if you fulfill three (3) monitoring days in 2021, your name will go into a drawing in January of 2022 where you could be one of five (5) people who will receive $20 toward your dues for the year! (Those dues will be $35, which includes firing fees.) So go to the monitoring schedule now to get signed up!

COVID-19 Rules for the Ceramics Room

As of July 30, 2021, following CDC guidelines, Governor Sisolak has mandated that gatherings indoors require that ALL persons wear masks--regardless of vaccination status. PLEASE wear your mask--PLEASE don't hassle monitors or members who ask you to do so if you aren't complying--PLEASE be kind!


Club News!

The next General Meeting is scheduled for November 10 at 1:00 pm in the Ceramics Room. This is the meeting where we will be presenting our slate of club officers for 2022 and voting on that slate. As stated in our club By-Laws, anyone interested in running for office should contact the head of the nominating committee 30 days prior to the General Meeting. Nominating committee chair is Donna Lakers

Bernadette O’Neill - President
Linda Sauer - Vice President
Laura Middleton - Secretary
TK Lee - Treasurer

Tips & Tricks


LEARN FROM OTHER MEMBERS! Our club is amazing because we have so many talented members who are willing to share their knowledge with others. Tom Sled is one of our teachers who specializes in hand-built clay projects. The photo is of just some of the objects he has helped many club members create. Everyone who has taken advantage of his classes came away feeling they knew so much more about clay and glazing, no matter how long they had been working with ceramics. Watch for upcoming Sled-led classes!