Member Creations

  • Handbuilt Halloween
    by Jan Stahl

    The holidays are coming and we are geariing up with novelty items. These are handbuilt ghosts, witches and pumpkins - just a tease of more to come!

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  • Popping Frog Vase
    by Bernadette O'Neill

    Bernadette O'Neill applied "Safari" crystal glaze to the background of this vase to create the depth in this natural look. The three-dimensional frogs get their vivid color from Stroke and Coat, with special details in the eyes of the frogs. 

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  • Full Size Bowl
    by Mellisa Kasdras

    Mellisa Kasdras decided to bring the skills she's learned making jewelry to another type of functional object. She hand-built this bowl using a Dollar Store pie plate as a form and created the feather pattern with individual strokes on the leather hard clay. She used high fire glazes to produce the color variations.

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  • Marcea Reid's Olive Oil Jar Class
    by Marcea Reid

    All of the olive oil jars from Marcea Reid's class were a great success! 

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  • Textured Bowl
    by Valerie Saenz

    Valerie wrote: "I love experimenting and learning about glaze possibilities. I wanted to hand build a very textured piece so I could experiment with a glaze combination I read about online. The bottom glaze is Amaco marigold 3 layers, topped by 2 layers of Amaco textured turquoise. The texture is created by using the end of a wood clothespin."

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  • Sunburn Lady Sculpture
    by Susan Aw

    The "Sunburn Lady" by Susan Aw is a 16.5" x 11" bas-relief ceramic sculpture created in Spring of 2020 during the peak of the pandemic in California. It was bisque fired in California and recently glazed and fired at cone 6 here. The laces symbolize the woman's confinement during the lockdown, while she still seeks a peaceful moment with her two baby pugs.

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  • Porcelain Birds
    by Melanie Luebbert

    Melanie says, "This bird bowl was my first time using porcelain clay that Anne La Craze Massi gave me to play with. It’s fired at Cone 6 the birds are a goldfinch and a yellow-bellied sapsucker. I used Amoco velvet underglazes on the birds and Amaco PC glazes on the bowl." Beautiful work, Melanie!

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  • Shell Imprint Slab Vase
    by Kelly Eberhard

    Kelly loves to learn a new technique, such as making a slab rolled cylinder, and take it to the next level. This is an excellent example of that. Imprinting shells into wet clay gives a beautiful dimension to her project.

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  • Fun and Useful in Green
    by Jan Stahl

    Jan had so much fun creating these useful items!

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  • Bird Vase
    by Linda Sauer

    Linda Sauer created this beautiful bird design in a William Pulse class at Pat's Ceramics. It has a white matte glaze background, Stroke & Coat and Designer Liner on the bird and leaves and crystals around the top rim. Even "teachers" can have fun learning a new way to use familiar materials!

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Share Your Project Photos

Share your project photos with our Club! Send a photo/photos (jpg files, please) and a brief description of techniques/materials used to Laura Middleton: There are limited spaces in the revolving display on our home page, but as new photos are added, all photos of amazing member creations are archived under the Projects tab. Go check out some of the older photos. You will be inspired! 

Member News!

We're all looking forward to a fabulous 2022 after making the best of 2021. Remember that your club dues of $35/year include all firing fees--no more chasing down those receipts! As members, we are still obligated to five (5) monitoring sessions a year, though, to remain in good standing. And it looks as if it will be another fun year of classes being taught by our talented members. The Ceramics Club is the place to be for learning, creativity, and meeting some of the nicest people in SCA! 

Club News!


Make something happen in your ceramics room! Join a class or teach a class! 

Ceramics Club 2022 Officers:
Bernadette O’Neill - President
Sharon Lappert - Vice President
Laura Middleton - Secretary
Jan Stahl - Treasurer


Tips & Tricks


LEARN FROM OTHER MEMBERS! Our club is amazing because we have so many talented members who are willing to share their knowledge with others. Tom Sled is one of our teachers who specializes in hand-built clay projects. The photo is of just some of the objects he has helped many club members create. Everyone who has taken advantage of his classes came away feeling they knew so much more about clay and glazing, no matter how long they had been working with ceramics. Watch for upcoming Sled-led classes!